Tuesday, February 10, 2009

When I Was Just a Kid

Have you missed me? Probably not so much me, but maybe you've missed reading about some of the authors, agents and editors and their childhood memories. Even children love nostalgia. Have you ever had a first grader want you to tell him about when he was a baby? Of course. It is a vital part of our development and identity. If somehow that is missed, we miss a vital part of ourselves and our self-esteem.

I took a couple months off to develop some new things in my own professional life and to tie up some past obligations. I have a few new interviews lined up for the coming months. I do want to continue this as I love hearing about your past. In the coming months, look for me also to ask you questions to reminisce, too. I may even have guest bloggers.

If you have suggestions of particular time periods you would like to know more about, be sure to leave a comment, too.

Be sure to email me if you'd like to do a nostalgic interview, too! (And check the ones already done to the right.)