Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Who Won??

Tomorrow I will have a blog post by Wendy Lawton, where she tells us how she will come up with the next true life character of the Daughters of Faith Series, but the question tonight is, WHO WON??

I have notified the three winners selected from a random drawing held this morning by a third non-biased party, and as soon as I hear from them, I will announce who won what! If for any reason any of these people cannot accept the prize, then I already have drawn 8 more people (and numbered them)to step in for that prize.

Anyway, following this blog tomorrow, I have 10 more interviews in the wings about writers and their childhood stories, so please continue coming back to read more childhood memories.

So, who won?????????????

I know, and will spill it tomorrow!

Thank you very much to all those who entered the contest and for all the great suggestions. It's not easy knowing who should be the next character in a true life series written this way--when you have to really know how they were as a child. Someday, maybe some of the authors I've interviewed here will be a similar series! (And the authors of those biographies will research using my!)

In the meantime keep reading,and keep talking to me about your childhood memories.

Tune in tomorrow...same bat time, same bat station (and you have to be about my age to know where that came from.)

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