Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A Drawing a Day

Since I drew the names for Wendy Lawton's No Fooling! Contest, I have sent emails and and made announcements--and still no one I've contacted about the Daughters of Faith set has written me back to claim it.

Frankly, I'm in shock. Wendy was incredibly generous in this contest, but I've never had someone who knew the contest deadline, entered with hopes of winning, not checking to see who won, and not check their email to reply.

Ok, I am going to draw a name a day until someone responds!

Right now Lisa is up, but if I don't hear from her by this evening, I will draw a new name tomorrow, and Lisa, along with Janine, will be put aside. There has to be someone who wants this set. I've given this set myself to girls, schools, churches, even though I have no girls of my own. I keep this set in my own library (being a former elementary teacher and Sunday School superintendent, I like keeping my own quality books for children.)

I realize there are various reasons for not checking in or not contacting me, and I am sympathetic, but we will just have to move on. Tomorrow will be 10 days after the contest ended.

If your name has not been drawn from our list of entries, you are still in the running, so stay tuned, until I draw a winner.

Thanks to all who left comments, left suggestions, too.

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