Thursday, November 29, 2007

Winners of Susan Marlow's books

Little Susan K. Marlow eating an ice cream cone

Courage is being scared to death--but saddling up anyway." --Susan's motto

I think Susan enjoyed reading the comments on her interview as much as I did (smile!)We really want to thank each of you for the sweet comments and for entering the drawing.

Be looking for more children's books (to enter for drawings this week) in the interviews coming up. One author has a whole slew of books and she is offering the entire collection. You DO want to sign up comments on that one, too. (Great biographies.) I've had some internet issues, or I would've had another one up already.

These are the children's/teen authors set to be featured:
Lori Z. Scott
Pam Halter
Max Elliot Anderson
Andy McGuire
Jill Lord
Mona Hodgson
Sarah Anne Sumpolec
Wendy Lawton
Terry Burns (this is a "special" case--he's not exactly a "children's" author)
Marti Kramer Suddarth (a book of children's sermons)

Last night Max (my youngest of four sons) drew the two winners of Susan K. Marlow's books, The Long Ride and Dangerous Decision. It was a full box of names! Thank you all for leaving comments and please email me privately your snail mail address if you would like to get a business card size preview of Susan's new book information, Family Secret coming out in February. The first 20 who email me will get one in the mail.

Email crystal.mrsinewa[AT]gmailDOTcom with your snail mail addresses in the next 24 hours (or I will draw a new name): Leave a message here if you are having troubles.

I need Joann to email me for The Long Ride Home!

The Long Ride Home

Kregel Publications

Twelve-year-old Andrea Carter can't seem to stay out of trouble. Now her beloved horse, Taffy, is missing and it's Andi's fault. The daring young girl will do anything to find the thief and recover Taffy. But her choices plunge her into danger, and Andi discovers that life on her own in the Old West can be downright terrifying!

And Walk1969 won Dangerous Decision:

Dangerous Decision

Kregel Publications

Andi nearly tramples her new teacher in a reckless, impromptu horserace down the main street of Fresno, California--not a good way to begin the fall, 1880 school term. Her troubles multiply when she must decide if she should deliberately walk into a dangerous situation to rescue the teacher’s mean-spirited, trouble-making daughter.

Congratulations to the winners and stay tuned for more.

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