Saturday, November 17, 2007

Winner of the Set of Deborah Raney's Books

If you go here, you can read all about Deborah Raney, a favorite women's fiction author whose book,A Vow to Cherish, was made into a movie.

Steeple Hill re-released the book mass market, and now the sequel book is coming out this month,Within This Circle.

Go here to find out what Deb's first job was and what her childhood indulgence was.

When I first got the idea to bring up a past interview with Deb (she and daughter, Tobi Layton, were two of my very first interviews) I decided to offer an extra copy I had of A Vow to Cherish, as well as urge you to pick up the sequel, Within This Circle.

I love Deb's books and columns, and one of my favorites of her books is A Nest of Sparrows. (But I like them all.) Deb found out about this drawing, and offered to send to my winner--Dawn Thomason--the autographed set of books.(Congrats, Dawn!)Thanks, everyone for entering. We enjoyed reading your detasseling and DQ memories!

Keep coming back because I have stacks of books to give away--both new and old. This week I will feature three male authors. Now, how many times do I get to do that? Not often.I also have one woman who writes historical romance for this week.

AND THEN, starting the week of November 25th I start daily children's authors' interviews and book giveaways! You will want to register a comment every day on those. This will be the Kids Who Grew Up to Write for Kids weeks.

And a fun time was had by all! (Well, I'm having fun.)

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